2022/02/19 以Glazed Acoustic Partition創造最具美感的辦公室景觀


博斯事業作為JEB Acoustic Partitions & door 非常擅長做跨國的服務,特別是售後服務方面,我們在台灣為採用進口聲學隔音門的多家外商做了非常好的售後服務、例如Facebook, Google,Channel ,Wework,Justco,Benz、Apple、VISA、Amazon 、IBM、德意志銀行、HSBC、Yahoo、花旗銀行、NVIDIA…


以Glazed Acoustic Partition創造最具美感的辦公室景觀

我們擅長運用Glazed Acoustic Partition來設計辦公室整體視覺的美感。

在2013年的跨國服務,設計新加坡KNIGHTAUTO 新總部辦公室及廠區辦公室的專案中,實現以Glazed Partition為主要元素創造出美麗的辦公室景觀。透過客戶所發給我們的感謝函,可以看出對以Glazed Partition 設計的looking view,感到滿意,同時也對整個工程的施工管理及履約保證的服務感到滿意,特別是對我們所提供的連續三年的跨國售後服務給了我們極高的評價。

6th July 2017

To Whom It May Concern

Letter of Recommendation

Knight Auto Precision Engineering Pte Ltd hereby confirms that BOSS-OA was our
appointed sub-contractor for Office Design and Interior Decoration in Year 2013.

They flew from Taiwan to Singapore to provide their service efficiently with excellent
quality and workmanship, and high standard of after-sales service.

I will undoubtedly strongly recommend BOSS-OA for any future projects that they may

Yours sincerely,

James Boo